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Senior Two-Person Sturling - Home

Many of the Curling Clubs have introduced a Sturling (aka Stick Curling) league into their seniors program. This format enables many senior curlers that are unable to sweep or find the end to end play too difficult, to continue curling longer.

We have incorporated a Sturling League into our regular Tuesday and Thursday time slots. Sturling is a 2-person game of curling which is open to individuals of any age and gender.  It is open to both those with a traditional slide delivery as well as those who use a “stick”. See the rules below. We make up the 2 player teams twice a season; same as the conventional league. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a brush and a curling stick. The Club will a have a few sticks and brooms available to use in league play. Players that choose this option would continue to socialize and participate in all of the events of the Mixed Seniors league. This option will allow some curlers to continue curling and perhaps bring a few back that have quit because the conventional game is too difficult.

The fee structure has been set up for a full year (Oct – March) entry fee of $100 or a half year (Oct -Dec or Jan –March) entry fee of $60.00 plus the Club membership fee of $70.00.

This website gives a lot of information about the sport in Alberta as well as training information under techniques.

Sturling RULES

1. Sweeping/brushing is allowed only from the hog line to the back of the house at the playing end.

2. Each team is comprised of two players.

3. One member of each team stays at each end of the rink, and must not cross center ice.

4. The two delivering players alternately deliver 6 stones each per end, while their teammate skips that end. Then roles are reversed, and the partners deliver the stones back.

5. All games are eight ends. In case of a tie, an extra end is played, with each player delivering 3 stones (skips and deliverers exchange roles at the midpoint of an extra end).

6. No stone may be removed from play prior to delivery of the fourth stone of each end. If that should happen, the delivered stone is removed from play and all other stones are returned to their original positions.

7. All stones must be released before reaching the hog line, and with some part of the stone within 2 feet of the centre line.

8. Other rules and etiquette of regular curling apply.